I offer editorial input on poetry and nonfiction manuscripts of any style or length (in English or in English translation). Your manuscript will benefit from my perspective as a longtime editor at nationally recognized literary magazines (Asheville Poetry Review, 14 years; Indiana Review, 3 years), as the founder and editor of a non-profit literary press (Orison Books), and as a published poet, literary critic, and translator. My critique service includes line-by-line suggestions, overall manuscript commentary, a list of suggested reading, and a phone or video call to discuss the manuscript. My rates are listed below.


“Luke is the best editor I’ve ever worked with, bar none. He made suggestions but always let me have the final say on edits and was a great guide throughout the book making process. He’s tireless, a great listener, and really made a difference in my writing life!”

“I’ve hired Luke Hankins several times and 10/10 would recommend.”

“Luke was exceptional at providing feedback that directly addressed areas needing improvement while doing so in ways that felt truly constructive, supportive, and encouraging. His love for the art form and his devotion to helping poets at all levels of their writing journey better their work was evident both in his editing skills and approach. You won’t regret taking advantage of his services.”

“Luke is a thorough, insightful reader, generous and specific about what works in a poem, and quick to see what doesn’t. When he offers suggestions, they are useful without being insistent. I think I’m lucky to have found him.”



  • 1–39 pages: $8.50/page
  • 40+ pages: $8.50/page for the first 39 pages, $6.50 for each subsequent page


  • $0.03 per word

Please contact me with any questions, or if you’d like to sign up for a manuscript consultation.